Winfield takes a straightforward approach to constructing cost-effective investment portfolios designed to balance near term liquidity needs with long term growth of core.


Preserving and growing an endowment is essential in providing resources to support and achieve a not-for-profit’s mission. Our approach is to help board trustees, investment committees, and employees fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities associated with managing an investment portfolio. 

We deploy a four step process:


We work with the client to establish or update an Investment Policy Statement (“IPS”). The IPS establishes responsibilities of advisors, trustees, and investment committee members, defines spending needs, investment objectives, and guidelines for action.



Within the IPS, we determine target allocation ranges across various asset classes depending on client objectives and risk tolerance/profile. Primary asset classes are equities (both US and International) and fixed income (primarily US). Alternatives and private equity may be considered depending on client risk profile, legacy assets, and endowment size.


Portfolios are constructed based on our evaluation of quantitative and qualitative factors. For endowments, Winfield primarily uses index and factor-based ETFs exchange traded funds to provide diversification and avoid concentrated risk. 


Winfield monitors the portfolio and makes tactical changes to reflect changing economic conditions, relative valuation opportunities, and to maintain compliance with asset allocation ranges as identified in the IPS. We provide quarterly investment reports and meet with clients to review performance on a regularly scheduled basis.

Winfield Associates welcomes the opportunity to share our investment approach with your organization. Please reach out to Brad Norton at or 216.241.2575.